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Superhuman for Social: Series 1

HongbeomAug 18, 2023·Last Updated On Dec 13, 2023Design
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At xbase, we are building the fastest social media experience. By Fastest, we mean the fastest task time. Tool time means how much time you’re wasting dealing with the messiness of the product. Actual task time measures how much time it takes you to get the work done.

Let’s break down the tasks for social.

Social Media Marketing Tasks

  1. See content from people you follow
  1. Save and organize good content for reference
  1. Write & Schedule content
  1. Manage replies

Blockers & Solution

See content from people you follow

Blockers: spammy content, the stupid algorithm that optimizes for screen time not productivity, ads, you need to open multiple social media apps to see all the content

Our Solution: personalized content filter for your social media and aggregate the feed into one place.

Save and organize good content for reference

Blockers: slow interface for organizing content. For example, Twitter Blue lets you add tweets to bookmark folder. But folders are slow. And it doesn’t offer search either.

Our Solution: search engine for xbase library & auto-tagging

Write & Schedule content

Blockers: so many blockers here.

  1. Hard to reuse your past content: The easiest way to grow social media is to reuse your past content. But there is no easy way to reuse your past content. Your content is distributed all over the places. The search interface of the content library app is shit.
  1. You often need to post to multiple platforms
  1. The best content are organic. Most tools encourage non-organic way of creating content such as looking at others’ viral content.
  1. Lack of built-in image editor: to edit images you have to switch between apps.
  1. Lack of proper auto retweets and engagement tools; you have to manually go through what to retweet.

Our Solution: fix all of them

Manage replies

Blockers: have to open multiple apps to check for replies, email notifications don’t work bc your email inbox is too chaotic. You have to sift through spammy replies

Our Solution: aggregate the replies into xbase and filter spammy replies.

Our progress


  1. We are almost done with building the fastest search engine for tweets. You can automatically upload your Twitter Bookmarks to xbase, search through your collection of tweets super fast, organize them with powerful tagging interface. 🏎

In progress

  1. We are now working on drafts and schedule interface 🖊


  1. Cross post your tweet to and threads. (q4 2023) 🧵
  1. Auto-tagging (q4 2023) 🏷
  1. Retweet on auto pilot (mid 2024) 🤖
  1. Aggregate feed (late 2024) 🗂
  1. Personalized content filter for your social media (late 2024)✨

How many hours can this tool save you?

We believe our tool could save 3-7 hours a week for pro social users. The boost in productivity makes it possible for solopreneurs and indie hackers to run biz without needing assistants. We will keep you posted with how we are making you even more powerful with xbase 🥷 
Stay tuned for the series 2!

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