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How to Search Twitter Bookmarks

HongbeomNov 3, 2023·Last Updated On Apr 26, 2024Productivity·Tutorials
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Even though Twitter itself doesn't have a search feature for bookmarks, you can still search all of your Twitter Bookmarks with Xbase. With Xbase, find any bookmark fast by text, tags, username, or tweet type. Here's how to use it. ⬇️

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Can I search Twitter bookmarks on Twitter?
No, Twitter doesn't have a search for bookmarks yet.

Can anyone see my Twitter bookmarks?
No, they're only for you to see.

How many bookmarks can I have on Twitter?
As many as you want. Twitter doesn't limit this.

Is there a way to label my Twitter bookmarks?
Not on Twitter, but with Xbase, you can use tags as labels.

Remember, right now, Twitter doesn’t let you search bookmarks directly on the site. But with a tool like Xbase, you can search, sort, and find your saved tweets easily.

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